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STAR I – ORGANIC & NATURAL (Ages 11-Adult) 6 Payments

STAR I – ORGANIC & NATURAL (Ages 11-Adult) 6 Payments

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This class focuses on the special qualities and creativity unique to each student. Attention is paid to building confidence and basic skills needed as a professional performer, which are necessary tools for succeeding in life in general. Basic foundation-building for acting, creativity, being organic from the inside-out, development of personal power and confidence, sensory work, getting into the right focus and creative state, freeing the body, staying in-the-moment and techniques to set the student free. This is, also, an excellent class for building confidence in daily social situations or for inner exploration for any young person or adult. Each student has a different reason for being there. Many people just want to free their souls! Finally, we believe everything should be fun! Next step is Star II. (Most kids, 7-10, should start with the Kid On-Camera Class.)

**STAR I will be in-person.

All persons attending in-person classes must provide proof of Covid-19 immunization.

(If you prefer to be unvaccinated, please choose a remote class instead.)

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