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Cathryn Hartt

“the UN-Acting” Coach

“I will give you the same love that was given to me by my great mentors… Just tell me what you need…and I’ll make it happen!”

Personalized Acting, Performance & Life Coaching

Backstage.com Expert Advisor

Backstage People's Choice Best Acting Coach in Texas

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022,2023 Dallas’ Best Theatrical School Award

2014, 2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020, 2021 Dallas Award for  Best Art School

Clients include:



Nathaniel Ashton (CRUEL SUMMER)

Isabel Wicker (LAW & ORDER)

Becca Guerrera (LAW & ORDER)

Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie in WALKING DEAD)
Logan Henderson (BIG TIME RUSH)
Gracie Grenier (PALACE PETS)

What People are Saying

“Voted as the Choice Award Best Acting Coach in Texas.”

“Cathryn is a terrific coach! Her greatest gift is the ability to reach out to all people of all ages and get them to see their own potential.”
Morgan Fairchild

“I have sent kids to Cathryn for her classes and taping for years, she works really hard for them!”
Barbara Blanchette of the Campbell Agency

“I only have a short list of coaches I recommend and Cathryn Hartt is at the top of that list! Her coaching is honest, thorough and she is truly there for her students. I trust her to get my talent where they need to be before an audition. As an agent, its nice to have someone in your corner pulling for your actors to succeed just as much as you do!”
Dannette Linicomn of the Linicomn Agency

What I Offer

All ages from Age 3-Adults

  • In-Person 6-Week Classes / 1-Day Intensives / Summer 1-Week Camps
  • Personal Attention – Ms. Hartt Personally Teaches Every Student at Every Level (No Coaching Assistants Ever – Only Ms. Hartt)
  • Small Classes – All  Classes & Camps Are Usually 5- 9 Students (1-Day Improv Workshops Will Have Up To 18 Students)
  • Private One-On-Ones…In-Person or Skype (Call or Email to Schedule)
  • Audition Tapes & E-mails
  • Dallas’ Top  Summer Acting Camps
  • On-Camera Coach
  • Theatrical Coach (drama, comedy, Shakespeare, Greek, musical, monologue, performance energy & confidence, audition prep, improv,  masks, etc.)
  • Performance Prep (plays, films, singing, dancing, speaking, etc.)
  • Voice-Over Prep
  • Motivational Speaker Coach
  • Personal & Business Confidence & Development (Presentations or Social Confidence)
  • Life Coach
  • Motivational Speaker and Trainer
  • On-Line Courses (12 Week Crash Course) & Bi-Weekly Live Webinar Classes (VIP Membership Monthly Subscription) Available
  • I CARE!

About the Studio


  • Kiddies (4-6)
  • Kids (7-10)
  • Teens (11-17)
  • Adults
  • Corporations and Businesses
  • Beginners through Advanced


  • In-Person Acting Classes (5-9 students personally taught by Cathryn)
  • Online 24/7 Acting Courses (12 Week Crash Course)
  • Bi-Weekly Webinar Classes (VIP Monthly Membership Subscription)
  • Acting Camps (5-9 students)
  • Audition Tapes & Email Links
  • Private Sessions  (In-Person & Skype)
  • 1-Day Intensive Workshops
  • On-Camera Acting
  • Broadcast & Hosting
  • Commercials
  • Stage & Live Performances
  • Musical Comedy
  • Shakespeare
  • Monologue Prep
  • Voice-Over Prep
  • Performance Coaching (pageant, singing, dancing, skating, comedy, etc.)
  • Live Presentation & Motivational Speaking
  • Personal & Business Motivation & Growth Counseling (including Personal Confidence & Learning How to Present the Best “YOU”)
  • Corporate Communications Consultation and Training
  • “Mindset” Goal and Success Training
  • In-Studio…On-Site…Live, In-Person…Skype…as well as 24/7 Online Support Classes

Tell Us What You Need…and We’ll Make It Happen!


  • Teen & Adult (11+): Star I – Organic & Natural
  • Teen & Adult (11+): Star II – In-Depth Character Study
  • Teen & Adult (11+): On-Camera & Audition Class
  • Kid-Adult (9+): Audition Intensive 6 Weeks
  • Kids (4-10): Privates
  • Ages 9-Adult: 1-Day Workshops: Improv / On-Camera & Audition / Audition Intensive 6 Weeks
  • Kids & Teens (7-18): Summer Camps – Star I Acting / On-Camera & Audition / Mixed Bag-Audition Intensive / Improv
  • Kiddies (6 and under): Private Coaching Only (unless approved for class by Ms. Hartt)
  • Any Age: Private Coaching – Auditions / Performances / Audition Tapes / Live & On-Camera Speaking & Presentations / Comedians / Communications , Sales, Marketing Development / Online Classes / Bring Me Your Needs & I Will Make It Happen!
  • Live, In-Person as well as Online Acting Classes

Cathryn Hartt

Benefit from a personal mentor who has worked in “the business” for over 63 years.

Cathryn Hartt is known to many as the best acting coach in Dallas.  She was named the best acting coach in Texas by Backstage and works with clients from across the country.  She is a highly sought-after personal acting coach, life consultant and motivator who believes that acting training can serve as a tool that goes far beyond professional acting applications. Ms. Hartt, a Juilliard graduate whose first student was her sister, Morgan Fairchild, has found that her acting techniques have helped her throughout her own life far beyond professional acting performances. She believes that the same techniques that honed her skills onstage also empowered her as a human being through confidence, compassion, and freeing her creative spirit, as well as communications skills that can enhance any business.

Ms. Hartt is known for her positive, deep one-on-one communication and small, personalized classes

Hartt & Soul is a highly-personalized acting and performance studio that provides the highest quality professional training through private sessions and avocational applications through small group sessions. Cathryn Hartt uses all of the same coaching techniques that she uses in New York City and Los Angeles. The synergy of combining Stanislavsky technique, on-camera feedback, and her own unique, personal techniques and lessons from the real world have made Ms. Hartt one of the most sought-after coaches in the region. If you are going to train, train with the best!

”Whatever your personal or business needs are – in acting, motivation, speaking, performing, auditioning or social or business confidence – my goal is to bring out the best in you!” — Cathryn Hartt

Ms. Hartt uses her intuition to see what’s special about you and to inspire you to be your best.

Ms. Hartt is known for going very deep with people. She uses her highly-sensitive intuitive powers to assess each student and give each the courage to take huge steps past the negative that blocks him or her and to step into the positive areas of empowerment and fulfillment. Whether it is an acting breakthrough or personal one, it is powerful. Ms. Hartt works on the whole package… creativity, human spirit or material goals. All are tied together when working optimally. Classes are kept small so that Ms. Hartt can work on many levels at the same time. It is not unusual to laugh in one moment and uncover the depths of your soul in the next in her class. Creativity is a flow between the best of all worlds that dwell within and without. What is technique without happiness and fulfillment?

Where do you fit?

Private professional one-on-one coaching or small, fun or avocational sessions, classes or camps?

Ms. Hartt has been in the acting profession for 62 years. She has trained many professional actors and gives private one-on-one direction for specific auditions and performances, as well as, location coaching and corporate communications training. But she has found that everyone comes to her for different reasons. Thus, Ms. Hartt specializes in creating the right training for everyone. She employs technique, experience and intuition to personally connect with each client’s personal needs. She encourages the use of actor’s training for avocational enjoyment and applications to all areas of life.

Acting training isn’t just for professional actors…it’s for anyone who wants to be at his/her best!

Her groups have included professional trial attorneys, moms who need a little free time for themselves, salesmen, anyone with a lack of belief in themselves, folks repackaging themselves in the job market, teens finding their own style, shy kids or adults, executives gaining better leadership skills, professional motivational speakers, salesmen. telemarketers, anyone setting goals to succeed, writers, comedians, singers, ice skaters, beauty pageant contestants, people putting together their own TV pilots, one person shows, kids with school projects, directors who want a better understanding of the actor’s mind, teachers, kids with ADD or learning disabilities, folks trying to find themselves, people on spiritual jounces, adults who acted a little in high school and want to try it again, people who never explored their creative side because someone told them they shouldn’t, many looking to build social or business confidence and people who just want to make a change in their lives and need to set themselves free. Folks can just come to have fun too! It’s a great place to share time with like-minded people in an atmosphere of creativity, trust and encouragement. Come and let Ms. Hartt connect to your special needs.

It “ain’t” called Hartt & Soul for nothing!

Ms. Hartt’s definition of acting is: “to share your heart deeply with another human being.” Getting in touch with your creative state, where subconscious and conscious work equally, puts you in a very fearless, fulfilled, clear place. That is where you must go to act and create. But it turns out to be a great place to go to study, make good business choices and to appreciate the simple beauties of life. Ms. Hartt incorporates using everything you’ve got in creating, setting goals and clearly defining what you want and how to get there.

From my lips to your ears:

“Live each moment to the fullest.”

“The reason that I was an actress all of my life was that I loved communicating deeply with others. That is why I love coaching too. I had some extraordinary mentors as a child. They not only taught me acting…they taught me how to step into another person’s shoes and gain compassion, to be disciplined, to respect everyone, to really ‘see’ the world with all of my senses, that every mistake was just a way to make something special and to give with all my heart each moment.”

“Always have the courage to be who you truly are.”

“My mother, who was an amazing teacher, taught me to hold my head up high no matter what.  And she had a beautiful gif to see what was special about each person and, in her presence, they had the courage to be that person.

I have learned that the greatest thrill in life and in creativity is to awaken another to see the ordinary and extraordinary in each moment. Each moment offers everything: the best and the worst. Focus on the one you want for yourself.”

“Never say ‘no’ to yourself!”

“There are plenty of people in this world who will tell you “no.”  But the only “no” that stops you is the one you tell yourself!  I encourage each to believe in your heart and to never say “no” to yourself. There is always a way to get to your true goal.”

“Even when you see a bird standing still, somehow you know it flies.”

“It’s payback time for all those who gave to me.. That is why I am here to teach you. You don’t need to be famous to be a star…you just have to shine bright. There are many ways to fly!”

— Cathryn Hartt

Review our educational offerings under “What We Offer” and call or e-mail for more information about how we can best serve you.

My Goal: “To Bring Out the Best in You”

Hartt & Soul Acting Studio is highly-personalized acting and performance school, offers a wonderful and fun learning environment. Once you’ve studied with Cathryn, it’s easy to see why many consider her the best acting coach in Dalllas (and Texas).  Her very personal coaching techniques sets her apart from the others. Cathryn Hartt uses one-on-one teaching skills and intuition for very small classes to bring out the best in each student. Her goal is to nurture the creative talents of students while they gain experience, confidence and technique in the various components of performing.

First, she encourages students to relax and get into a creative state to explore what is special about themselves (their “star” qualities) and to develop confidence. This is a wonderful self-discovery step that is imperative for great acting and extraordinary for human awareness and growth.

Then, she concentrates on in-depth technique in acting and performing mixed with staying natural, relaxed and connected.

Finally, she add the tools needed to “make-it” as a professional actor. Thus, the student’s training fits together as a complete package.Acting classes are a wonderful idea for anyone, not just those seeking a professional career. She encourages anyone who would like to build social confidence, business advancement skills or their creative side to enroll.We offer training to all ages with a wide range of student goals:

  • Students just “testing the water”…
  • Advanced students who are professional actors seeking one-on-one private coaching…
  • Any age student exploring self-image and creative avenues…
  • Children through adults desiring to enhance social, business or creative confidence…

Contact Cathryn

To schedule an in-person private or to ask a question of Cathryn Hartt, please email: harttandsoul@aol.com

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It is all about personalized coaching

Ms. Hartt uses years of experience, acting skills, coaching techniques and intuition to develop a personal program for each client. Her goal is to bring out the best in each individual and team. She will help you to clarify what would take you forward. She works on the theory of getting rid of the negatives that block you and stepping into the positives that will move you forward and bring happiness and fulfillment. Need life coaching in business areas, spiritual awakening or personal empowerment? Need sales and marketing coaching, leadership training, personal communications enhancement or goal achievement and motivational training? Or do you have a need that no other communications specialist can meet? Bring it on and she’ll bring out the best!