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Classes will take place in-person again  ASAP it is safe to do so.

  • 6-Week Sessions, 1-Day Workshops, Summer Camps, Audition Tapes & Emails, Speaker & Media Training

  • Private Acting & Life Coaching / Audition Tapes

  • Online Courses & Support Available to Supplement In-Person Training

  • Group Communications & Motivational Training

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We offer a variety of intimate group sessions as well as private coaching for acting and improv for ages 7 through adult.

Ages 4-6 are best in private coaching sessions.

Ms. Hartt teaches in a professional, yet personal studio located in a house setting for optimal results. It has a small stage and offers optimal opportunities for filming in on-camera and acting classes.

We work with novices through professionals and continually appreciate that everyone is here for their own personal growth. Acting is a wonderful “opener” of many doors inside of us. Please look through our course catalogue to find the best course for you. We offer 6-week classes, 1-day intensivess,1-week  summer camps, and private coaching.

Please call or email us with questions about our classes. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you with your special needs.


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Teen and Adult (11 & up) beginners should start with an acting Basic Acting Series: Star I -Organic & Natural & Star II – In-Depth Character Study or On-Camera Class. Improv is also a wonderful place to start to gain confidence and start relating to others, as well as building basic acting skills in a fun way. Improv is a terrific and fun way to begin to build confidence and trust your instincts, the basics of all good acting. Audition Intensive 6-Weeks is a great place to start as a sample of a lot of different aspects of acting.  Plus, try Dallas’ best acting camps on for size.

Kids (age 8-11, or 7 with good focus skills) should begin with Kid On-Camera. A great way to start is with one of Hartt and Soul’s summer acting camps, which are rated as Dallas’ best camps.

Kiddies (age 4-6 )should begin with Privates.

Advanced or Professionals should look at the Star II (In-Depth Character & Scene Study), On-Camera & Audition, 6-Weeks, or Private… or 1-Day Improv or 2-hr Intensives.

Auditions should definitely have a private prep (or prep and tape at the same time if you need a self-tape).  Many great professionals work with their coach before every audition or every shoot date.  It’s a competitive field…keep ahead of the rest of the competition!

For Personal or Business Confidence and Power, try the Star I-Organic & Natural Course, Mindset Intensive, Improv Intensive. Private Acting or Life Coaching.  Also, there are lots of awesome positive mindset training videos and mp3’s on the Online 12 Week Crash Course and tons of inspiration on the Monthly VIP Training and Webinars.

Fast Track is for those who are like me and really want to be the best really fast!  You can take more than one class at a time.  I suggest supplementing a Star I or II with an On-Camera or Audition Intensive.  Try adding a private every few weeks or every month.  Those who show up the most are usually the ones who win!

***The Ultimate Fast Track MUST DO –  Hartt & Soul Online Courses (See “Online Classes” under “What We Offer”)***

      1. 12 Week Crash Course (a great 24/7 supplement to your in-person classes –  over 150 training videos plus more)

      2. Monthly VIP Training & Webinars (bonus training videos, bi-weekly live webinars & actor community that holds you accountable…will keep you moving forward)



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To register and pay with credit or debit card, please click the BUY button next to the class below.

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STAR I – ORGANIC & NATURAL (Ages 11-Adult)
This class focuses on the special qualities and creativity unique to each student. Attention is paid to building confidence and basic skills needed as a professional performer, which are necessary tools for succeeding in life in general. Basic foundation-building for acting, creativity, being organic from the inside-out, development of personal power and confidence, sensory work, getting into the right focus and creative state, freeing the body, staying in-the-moment and techniques to set the student free. This is, also, an excellent class for building confidence in daily social situations or for inner exploration for any young person or adult. Each student has a different reason for being there. Many people just want to free their souls! Finally, we believe everything should be fun! Next step is Star II. (Most kids, 7-10, should start with the Kid On-Camera Class.)
6 weeks / 2 hr / $435

COVID19  All classes will be remote until safe to be back in-person.

I have done interactive online classes for years and we get lots of amazing progress online!

(If you can afford normal price, please pay it.  If not, choose COVID-19 $100 Discount.)

STAR I – ORGANIC & NATURAL (*Ages 11-Adult)
Sun, Sept 12-Oct 17…11:45 AM-1:45 PM..6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $435 

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The natural step from Star I. Special attention is paid to exploring professional techniques to master interrelating with fellow actors and directors, in-depth character and scene development and improvisation. Learn to create and bring to life the “backstory.” Also covered are objective beats (breaking a scene down), imaging, dramatic function, subtexting (thinking like the character) and staying in the moment.  We focus upon making it real, going in-depth the way pros do and popping into some of the quick tricks that can get you there fast. Also great for those looking inward and wanting to free themselves from the blocks we all build up in life. Next step is On-Camera & Audition.

COVI19  All classes will start remote.  We will go back in-person when safe.

(If you can afford normal price, please pay it.  If not, choose COVID-19 Discount.)


Sat, Sept 11-Oct 16…2-4 PM….6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $435

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  • Make Up Policy for Star i and Star ii class will be made up for free by taking the corresponding class in the next session of that same course. (Ex: if the 2nd class in the Star I is missed, you would take the 2nd class only of the next Star I.) It is your responsibility to call and find out what the make-up date would be.


ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (Ages11-Adult…on-going as we continue to evolve)
This is a favorite class for beginners or pros. It teaches all aspects of on-camera technique, auditioning, cold reading, being natural and spontaneous and feeling free in front of a camera. The first four classes concentrate on being natural in an on-camera scene and learning how to work close-ups and other camera shots. The fifth class is a commercial or broadcast class. The last class, we focus on shooting an on-camera audition for L.A. Ms Hartt puts many people on tape for agents for L.A. auditions and is known for getting people to go from “Dallas acting” (which looks like acting) to L.A. acting (which looks like a reality show in spontaneity). If you are going up for on-camera auditions, you need to be “in the gym” with an on-camera class to keep your edge and naturalness. This has become the most popular on-going acting class. It’s great to learn new technique, get more sophisticated, scrape off bad habits or to keep your “chops up.” You can hold your spot for the next session as we continue to evolve from session to session.
6 weeks / 2 hours / $345

COVID19  All classes will take place remotely until back to in-person when safe.

I have done interactive online classes for years and we get lots of amazing progress online!

ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 11-Adult)
Mon., Sept 6-Oct 11….6:30-8:30 PM.…6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345

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ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 11-Adult)
Tues, Sept 7-Oct 12.. 6:30-8:30 PM…6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345

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ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 11-Adult)  
Wed., Sept 8-Oct 13…6:45-8:45 PM….6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345   

 FULL (register only if pre-approved)

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ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 11-Adult)  
Thurs.,Sept 9-Oct 14…6:45-8:45 PM…6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345  

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ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 11-Adult)
Sat., Sept 11-Oct 16…11:45 AM-1:45 PM….6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345



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2-HOUR ON-CAMERA PAY-AS -YOU-GO CLASS  (2 hours) (*Ages 11-Adult)
Book and Pay One-Class-At-A-Time from above 6 Weeks On-Camera Classes
(Please email about availability to book.)
When registering, please fill in “Date of Class.”

(NOTE Mon, Wed and Sat are not available…only Tues and Thurs)

(please email and let me know if you need a discount during COVID 19 and I will give you permission to pay less)

$60 per 2-hr class

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  • Make Up Policy for On-Camera 6 Weeks:  You can take another regularly-scheduled class the same week your class is missed if you call and ask for availabilty. If that’s not possible, you may double up on another week. (Many prefer doing that the 6th week, auditions.) If you take a spot in a class, you must pay for the full 6 weeks. it is your responsibility to get your 6 classes. **YOUR MAKE-UP MUST BE IN THE SAME 6-WEEKS YOU MISSED.**


KID ON-CAMERA (Ages 7-11) (will consider age 7 with exceptional focus skills)
Kids love working in front of the camera. Great class for camera work, cold-reading and auditions and interviews. The first four classes are focused on being natural and real in an on-camera scene and working camera skills. The fifth class is a commercial or broadcast class. The last class, Ms. Hartt puts them on tape like she does the auditions she does for L.A. auditions. The kids love creating and seeing themselves back on tape each week. This is an on-going class that you may hold your spot in as we evolve to higher levels for each individual student.
6 weeks / 2 hours / $345

COVID19  All classes will take place.  If necessary, I have remote capability set up.

I have done interactive online classes for years and we get lots of amazing progress online!

KIDS ON-CAMERA & AUDITION (*Ages 7-10…unless Ms. Hartt approves younger age)

Sun. Sept 12-Oct 17…2-4  PM….6 weeks / 2 hrs @ wk / $345  

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This is the 6 weeks class above with the option to pay per class instead of for the whole 6 weeks up front.  You will save $15 if you pay for $345 6 weeks price for 6 classes.

Please email to confirm availability of class date (
When registering, please fill in the “Date of Class.”


 2 hours / $60

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  • Make Up Policy for Kids On-Camera 6 Weeks can take another regularly-scheduled class the same week your class is missed if you call and ask for availabilty. If that’s not possible, you may double up on another week. (Many prefer doing that the 6th week, auditions.) If you take a spot in a class, you must pay for the full 6 weeks. it is your responsibilty to get your 6 classes. **YOUR MAKE-UP MUST BE IN THE SAME 6-WEEKS YOU MISSED.**

KIDDIES (Ages 4-7)
Younger children do better in privates as they need one-on-one attention and have not developed all the socializing skills required to focus in a group class usually. If your child has early-developed focus skills, I may consider a younger child in a Kids Class.
Privates / 1 hour / $100 (or pre-paid 6 Package for $550)


IMPROV INTENSIVE, 3 hours, $95
(Ages 9-Adults)  Great place for beginners or pros to hone your improv skills and gain confidence. A great place to mix it up with others in the business or to just get out of your head and loosen up for a fun, freeing afternoon. We highly recommend this workshop for beginners and experienced folks alike to help connect to others and “get out of your head.” This is the favorite monthly workshop!

Sun., TBA…1-4 PM 

3 hours, $95

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(Ages 10-Adults) A concentrated version of Ms. Hartt’s dynamic on-camera audition training. Learn how to really make your dreams a reality.  Turn on that inner light!  Bring more inspiration, focus, passion and spontaneity to your auditions and performances.  Beat out the competition.

2 hours, $60

Thurs, TBA…6:45-8:45 PM

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(Ages 10-Adults) Learn the tricks that great commercial people know.  Do you know commercial timing?  Can you win them over before you ever open your mouth?  Do you use every second to your advantage?  Learn how in this fun, hardcore intensive.  Start winning commercials today!

2 hours, $60

Thurs, TBA…6:45-8:45 PM

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2-HOUR COMEDY AUDITION, 2 hours, $60
(Ages 10-Adults) Learn the secrets to do comedy for camera.  Ace your sitcom or Disney auditions.  Ms. Hartt is one of the top comedy coaches around.  Let her teach you timing, bits and the tricks to make you really funny.  Beat out the competition.



(Ages 10-Adults) If you learn the secrets of good voice-over auditions, you can be 100% better in just 2 hours.  Cathryn covers basic commercial voice-overs as well as anime.  Beat out the competition.

2 hours…$60

N/A1…6:30-8:30 PM

Buy Now TB-70h



2-HOUR COLD READ & BREAKING DOWN SCENE AUDITION, 2 hours, $60                     
(Ages 10-Adults)  Please work on your cold read skills!!!!  This is a very important, make-or-break skill.  Cathryn can improve your cold read skills instantly and make every audition you do for the rest of your life EASIER!  Also, she will make sure you know the basics of “breaking down a scene.”  Nail your auditions!  $60

N/A…6:30-8:30 PM

Buy Now TB-70h


DISNEY INTENSIVE, 3 hours, $95    
(Ages 9-Adults)  Cathryn is an expert on comedy and Disney.  She did the audition tape that got Debby Ryan her big break on Disney.  She has coached many Disney and Nickelodeon clients and is known for her strong comic coaching.  Learn the tricks to put you ahead of the competition at Disney auditions.

3 hours, $95

N/A…6-9 PM 

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(Ages 10-Adults) Cathryn has lots of good actors that come to her in a panic when they are asked to do a “host” or “spokesperson” audition.  She can show you some quick tips that will improve you 100% instantly, on-the-spot.   Beat out the competition.

2 hours…$60

Tues, N/A…6:30-8:30 PM  

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To schedule an in-person or Skype private or to ask a question to Cathryn Hartt, please email:


Acting & Performance / In-Person & Skype / Auditions / Audition Tapes for L.A. / Speeches & Live Presentations / Live & On-Camera Personalities


  • $100: 1 hour in-person & Skype
  • $550: Pre-paid package of 6 privates
  • $100 Per hour for audition tapes (*PLUS $45 Tape/Edit/Email Fee)
  • $45: *Tape, Edit & Send audition by e-mail or hyperlink added to coaching fee


  • $150: 1 hour
  • $150: Travel time per hour (local / 1 hour minimum)


Positive Personal & Business Development / Executive Training

  • $100: 1 hour in person or by phone
  • $550: Pre-paid package of 6 privates


Ask for special price list for individual needs

  • Private Sessions require 24 hours cancellation notice or you must pay the full session amount.   If it is an emergency and you call at least 1 hour before, Ms. Hartt may waive the fee.

To schedule an in-person or private or to ask a question to Cathryn Hartt, please email:

 (You can pay in person..or pay here if long distance.)

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REEL SCENE, 1 1/2 hours, $450

(Any Age) A highly-personalized scene to make you look like a pro.  Cathryn Hartt will write, coach and direct.  John Chambers (cameraman from Hartt & Soul Online) will shoot and edit.  The effect is very high-quality footage that will show your acting at it’s best for a reel scene.  We will provide scene material specifically for your needs or you may provide your own material.  Takes about 1 1/2 hours to shoot.

Call or email Cathryn directly to discuss what would be best & time before purchasing:



Buy Now TB-70h

Samples of Kid/Teen Scenes:


Samples of Adult Scenes:





Check out Kids On-Camera or Teen/Adult On-Camera Remote Classes

All camps are appropriate for newbies as well as professionals!

Ages 7-18 (if there are too many kids not in your age bracket in a camp, I will let you know)
(A MUST!!!) 4 hours / for 5 days / snack supplied

“Best Acting Camps in Dallas!”

See “Schedule” for dates & times.

Choose any camp, then hit the Buy Now button. 


STAR I CAMP (Ages 7-18) M-F, June 15-19, 12-4 PM

A fun week of “the real stuff”. A concentrated version of the powerful 6-week Star I-Organic & Natural, Beginners Acting, focusing on developing the special qualities and creativity unique to each student, using the same techniques used in NY and LA. A wonderful introduction to basic acting skills, speech, confidence, using the body, working from the inside out like a real pro, improvisation, and exploring personal creativity and power. Great for building confidence! Ms Hartt is known for her heart-to-heart connection to each student. Lots of fun while getting real, in-depth acting coaching!


June 15-19….12-4 PM… $475

4 hours a day for 1 week: $475

Buy Now TB-70h


DISNEY/COMEDY/IMPROV CAMP (Ages 7-18) M-F, July 13-17, 12-4 PM 

Ms. Hartt has worked with and done audition tapes for quite a few Disney and Nickelodeon kids. She is known as a comedy expert. Everybody loves Comedy and Improv! We will do lots of improv and each day we will tape a Disney-style audition scene to help develop comic skills. It’s so crazy that they won’t want to go home each day! This is a fun way to build confidence, character tools, basic acting skills, working with others, creating on your feet, and getting out of your head and trusting. We bounce off the walls!! Great for comic & auditioning skills. This is a favorite with all ages! Best acting camp for comedy.


July 13-17….12-4 PM… $475

4 hours a day for 1 week: $475

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ON-CAMERA CAMP (Ages 7-18) M-F, Not Available, 12-4 PM

Build confidence and ease, on-camera and off, while having lots of fun! A “hot ticket” for all levels and ages. We cover natural film style as well as Disney. This is Ms. Hartt’s most popular class turned into a concentrated camp. They learn to look like pros in front of a camera, as well as getting tips for audition skills, headshots, agents and interviewing. Watching back on tape is fun and helps them to grow much faster. Great for auditions, mastering acting skills, as well as naturalness and confidence in any activity (school, work, etc.) We will also cover auditioning: Natural Film, Comedy and Commercial. Best acting camp for on-camera acting skills.

4 hours a day for 1 week: $475

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(special arrangements for separate registration and payments made with Cathryn’s permission only…otherwise, please use BUY NOW button next to class on schedule above)

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If you have spoken to Cathryn for special arrangements (after clicking on Pay with Paypal, if just registering, do not proceed onto Paypal…if just using Paypal to pay for private, no need to register):

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We book up fast! Please register now to guarantee your spot ASAP!!

For current curriculum schedule, please click see “Schedule“.

Please call or email for specific course information, or to receive our printed course list. Ages for camps are generalized, so feel free to ask if your child could be in a different age bracket. On-going 6-week courses available all year long.

Classes usually are limited to 4 to 8 students for personal attention. (1-day workshops will have more.) Placement is limited so we advise prompt registration once you have made a choice to attend.


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